WSSA Competitions & Awards:
Past Winners

Past Winners: Outstanding Emerging Scholar Award

2017 Outstanding Emerging Scholars:

Dr. Subini Annamma, Department of Special Education, University of Kansas; 
Dr. AJ Faas, Department of Anthropology, San Jose State University; 
Dr. Lauren Balasco, History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences, Pittsburg State University 

2016 Outstanding Emerging Scholars:

Dr. KuoRay Mao, Sociology, Colorado State University; 
Liat Ben-Moshe, Disability Studies Program, University of Toledo;
Julie K. Maldonado, Anthropology, University of California-Santa Barbara;

2015 Outstanding New Scholars: Dr. Amanda Ashley, Masters of Community and Regional Planning, Boise State University;
Dr. Manish Madan, Department of Criminal Justice, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey;
Dr. Zek Valkyrie, Department of Sociology, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs;
2014 Past President's Junior Scholar:Dr. Angela Smith, History, Philosophy & Religious Studies, North Dakota State University

Past Winners: WSSA Distinguished Book Award

2017 Winner:

Dr. Cynthia EnloeClark University, for “Seriously! Investigating Crashes and Crises as if Women Mattered”

2016 Winners:

Dr. Susan Starr SeredSuffolk University;
Maureen Norton-Hawk, Can't Catch a Break: Gender, Jail, Drugs, and the Limits of Personal Responsibility, Suffolk University:  (2014, University of California Press);

2015 Winners:

Dr. John SkrentnyAfter Civil Rights: Racial Realism in the New American Workplace, Princeton University Press, 2014;

Past Winners: Larry Gould Best Article Award 

2017 Winners:

Dr. Amanda Johnson Ashley, and Dr. Leslie Alm, Boise State University, for "Western regional identity and urban development policy: The view from professional planners” The Social Science Journal, 53(2):143-155

2016 Winner:

Dr. Lacey Wallace, Penn State Altoona, for "Responding to violence with guns: Mass shootings and gun acquisition", Social Science Journal,  Volume 52, Issue 2, June 2015, pages 152-167;

2015 Winners:

Jeonghun Min and Daniel Savage, Why do American Indians vote Democratic?, Social Science Journal, Volume 51, Issue 2, 2014, Northeastern State University, Political Science, Tahlequah, Oklahoma;

2014 Winners:

Blake Davis and Scott Menard, Sam Houston State University, "Long-term Impact of Youth Sports Participation on Illegal Behavior." The Social Science Journal 50, 1, 34–44, (2013).

Past Winners: Student Paper Competition

2017 Graduate Winner:


Sungho Park, University of Nebraska at Omaha, for “My Moving Frescoes": “The Impact of State-Imposed Fiscal Rules on Municipal Government Fiscal Outcomes: Does Institutional Design Matter?”

2017 Undergraduate Winner:

Courtney Arbogast, Heidelberg University, for “Examining the Well-Being and Connectedness of Social Groups in College Students” 


2016 Graduate Co-Winners:

Jesus Madrigal, University of California Berkeley, for My Moving Frescoes": Sergei Eisenstein and Mexican Muralism.
Jared L. Talley, Boise State University, for “Look What the Cat Dragged In: Domestic Cats, Their Prey, and Socially Constructed Policy”.

2016 Graduate Honorable Mention:

Reuben Addo, Colorado State University, for Homeless Individuals’ Social Construction of a Public Park".

2016 Undergraduate Winner:

Luke Koran, North Dakota State University, for “A Journey from Frontiersmen to Historian: The Letters of George Northrup”.

2015 Undergraduate Winner:

Travis Van Horn, Western Oregon University,  "F*** You Dan Savage: A Queer Criticism of the It Gets Better Project";

2015 Undergraduate Honorable Mention:

Remington Sterling Krueger, North Dakota State University,  "A Norwegian Immigrant and Homesteader in the Dakota War: Private Ole N. Orland";

2014 Graduate Winner:

Naomi Tom, Arizona State University, "Protecting our Communities Through Tribally Operated Institutional Review Boards."

Past Winners: John Wicks Dissertation Paper Award

2017 Winner:

Zihe (Lauren) Guo,  University of Kentucky, for “Conduit Bond Financing of Local Governments Perspective from the U.S. and China”

2016 Winner:

Joseph Kellner, University of California Berkeley, for “The End of History: Belief and the Soviet Collapse”.

2015 Winner:

Dongjae Jung, Arizona State University, for "The Federal-Local Nexus in Immigration Enforcement Policy: An Evaluation of the Secure Communities Program";

2014 Winner:

 Anne Luna-Gordinier, Howard University, for "Women's Leadership in Urban Indian Centers: Organized Resistance to Dispossession and Patriarchy".

 Past Winners: Poster Competition

2017 Winners:


Jared Embree, Sara Paton, and Nicole Kinzeler, Wright State University, for “Correlations Between Increased Adult Suicide Rates and Population Density in Ohio Counties from 2007-2012”


2016 Winner:


Competition not held in 2016


2015 Winner:

Stefani Perez-Zamarripa, University of Nebraska at Kearney, "Home Is Where the Social Capital Is: An Analysis of Post Emigration Community Ties";