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Program Coordinator for the WSSA 2019 Conference
Debra Andrist, Ph.D. 
Dept. of Foreign Languages
Professor of Spanish 

Sam Houston State University 
Huntsville TX  77340


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African-American Studies

This section adds to a commitment of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary academic excellence by highlighting Contemporary theories and research of African and African Americans. Scholarly discussions are presented on academic, social, economic, and historical issues that impact the African and African American experience in the United States. We accept contributions from any discipline that facilitates intellectual discussion on the history, culture, religion, politics, economics, arts, sociology, health, and the Diaspora of peoples of African descent as developed from experiences in both the old and new worlds.

  • Stephen Brown Title: Assistant Professor of Social Work
    Affiliation: California Baptist University

American Indian Studies

  • Primary Contact - Dr. Leo Killsback Title: Coordinator, American Indian Studies
    Affiliation: Arizona State University
  • Michelle Hale Email:
    Affiliation: Arizona State University

American Studies

This section adopts an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the American experience. Papers and panels may range across the humanities and social sciences. Over the past decade, presentations in this section have come from specialists in history, literature, philosophy, religious studies, gender studies, ethnic studies, political science, sociology, anthropology, folklore, art, architecture, film, music, popular culture, material culture, and other fields.

  • Darrin Grinder Email:
    Phone: 208-467-8454


This section presents perspectives from sociocultural anthropology on the diversity and the dynamics of collective human life. Topics examine the subfields of archaeology, biocultural anthropology, and sociocultural anthropology through the examination of selected problems in human physical, cultural, and social evolution.

  • Barbara Bonnekessen Ph.D. Title: Coordinator
    Affiliation: Pittsburg State University

Arid Lands Studies & Geography

Arid Lands Studies & Geography is designed to emphasize the importance of, and coordinate the efforts for, studying human adaptation to the world’s arid and semiarid lands.  As a multidisciplinary section, we welcome submissions from a diverse set of disciplines such as economics, anthropology, geography, history, agriculture, and hydrology.  Our goal is to encourage and increase the general awareness of the problems and potentials of the arid and semiarid lands of the world, and of human adjustment to and impact upon them.    

  • Mark Melichar Email:
    Affiliation: Tennessee Technical University

Asian Studies

This section presents studies on issues, concerns and perspectives of Asia and Asians. Topics can be in the areas of communication, economics, education, health, politics and sociology.

  • Meghna Sabharwal Email:
    Affiliation: University of Texas at Dallas

Association for Borderlands Studies (ABS)

This is a multidisciplinary and international network of scholars who are involved in various aspects of border region studies. Principal focal points of the ABS' work have been in the area of economics, political sciences, history, sociology and cultural studies. Although much of ABS's activities has centered on the US-Mexican Borderlands, members are increasingly involved in the study of European, Asian and other border regions.

View Association of Borderlands Studies website

  • Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly Title: Coordinator
    Affiliation: School of Public Administration University of Victoria

Canadian Studies

This section accepts proposals for papers, panels and roundtables relating to any disciplines or areas of Canadian Studies, not just the social sciences. Usually the Canadian Studies Section has an emphasis on the Canadian West and comparisons between the Canadian and American West, and also Mexico, however, the section covers all aspects of Canadian Studies and is happy to have panels on Canadian Literature, Arts, and Humanities as well as panels on Canadian Geography, History, Anthropology, Economics, Politics, Business, Environment, Public Policy, etc. etc. The Canadian Studies Section is eager to have panels appropriately cross-listed with other WSSA Sections, such as Borderland Studies, Political Science, Native Studies, etc.

View Canadian Studies website

  • Pierre M Atlas Email:
    Phone: 317.955.6336
    Affiliation: Marian University

Chicano/Latino/Hispanic Studies

In theme-based panels ranging through the social sciences, arts, humanities or pedagogy, Chicano/Latino/Hispanic Studies sessions feature presentations from any discipline which include dynamics addressing those three targeted identities, no matter how they are defined, whether politically, ethnically, linguistically or otherwise.


En paneles con temas que rangan por las ciencias sociales, las artes, las humanidades o la pedagogía, las sesiones de los Estudios Chicanos/Latinos/Hispanos puedan incluir ponencias de cualquiera disciplina que incluyen las dinámicas que se dirigen a dichas tres identidades, o que sean las definiciones de ellas políticas, étnicas, lingüísticas o lo que sea.

  • Debra D. Andrist Ph.D. Title: Professor of Spanish; Advisor, Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish Honorary)
    Phone: 936-294-1414
    Affiliation: Sam Houston State University

Chronic Disease and Disability

The section encourages research on policies,problems,cultural representations,
health issues,and experiences that involve people with chronic disease and disabilities.
This section encourages graduate students and junior professors to present their
work in a supportive setting. Experienced and advanced scholars also are very
welcome to share their work. In the late 1980s the WSSA Section on Chronic
Disease and Disability developed the national and international professional
organization,Society for Disability Studies. Sociologists Ivrving K.Zola,Barbara
Altman and Devva Kassnitz were among the leaders of this pioneering effort.

  • Debra Rose Wilson Email:
    Affiliation: Managing Editor, International Journal of Childbirth Education
  • Heather Albanesi Email:
    Affiliation: University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
  • Cynthia Jackson Ph.D. Email:
    Affiliation: Dept. of Internal Medicine at Meharry Medical College, and Dept. of Forensic Psychology at Walden University
  • Main Contact : James G. Linn Ph.D. Email:
    Affiliation: Optimal Solutions in Healthcare and International Development

Criminal Justice and Criminology

This section accepts papers on all aspects of criminological theory, research and practice. This includes both the practice of criminal justice administration and the critical study of this practice. Areas range from the micro study of criminal behavior and victimology through the meso study of both criminal and criminal justice organizations to the macro study of the social implications of crime and the administration of criminal justice through the police, courts and correctional systems.

  • Kevin Thompson Email:
    Affiliation: North Dakota State University

Economics (Association for Institutional Thought)

PLEASE NOTE:  The deadline for paper/panel submissions to this section has been set at NOVEMBER 10.  Submissions to this section will close on that date, not on the December 1 date.

With recognition of the role of culture in organizing economic activity, institutional work draws its inspiration from messy reality-- the overlap of disciplinary boundaries, the interaction between diverse intellectual traditions, and the conflict and cooperation between social groups within and between societies. Possible themes for papers and/or panels could include the influence of other social science traditions on institutional economics, the application of interdisciplinary work in pragmatic policy analysis, the connection or overlap between diverse elements within heterodox economic theory, and the relevance of cultural norms and cross cultural conflict in the study of economic systems.

  • Coordinator Reynold F. Nesiba Email:
    Affiliation: Professor of Economics, Augustana University
  • Backup coordinator Lisa Moeller Email:
    Affiliation: Augustana University

Economics (Business and Finance)

  • Kashi Nath Tiwari Ph.D. Email:
    Affiliation: KNT's Academic Financial Research, California

Economics (General)

This section presents perspectives for general economics on the allocation of scarce resources among competing ends. Topics include, but are not limited to, the subfields of labor economics, public finance, health economics, demographic economics, international trade and economic development.

  • Chris Erickson Email:
    Affiliation: New Mexico State University

Environmental Policy & Natural Resources Management

The Environmental Policy and Natural Resources Management section accepts covers the full array of environmental social science disciplines, subfields, and topics. Topics include but are not at all limited to: land management; public resource management; technology and policy related to food, energy, and water; animal studies; environmental values; consumption studies. 

  • Coordinator : Chelsea Schelly Title: Associate Professor
    Affiliation: Department of Social Sciences, Michigan Technical University
  • Co-coordinator Amber Overholser Title: MPA Program Director
    Affiliation: Department of History, Political Science, and Geography, Southern Arkansas University

Globalization and Development

  • Pete Martini Title: Coordinator, Social Psychology
    Email: (will change soon)
    Affiliation: Manchester University


History takes in the whole scope of the human condition so long as the action or event has occurred in the past. Thus, while historians may focus on such questions as political, social, or women's history, and periodization remains important, any aspect of human action or thought is in the historian's purview.

  • Primary Contact : Monica Gallamore Ph.D. Title: Coordinator
    Phone: 414-217-3706
    Affiliation: University of Central Oklahoma
  • Stanford K. Lester MA, MLIS Title: Co-Coordinator
    Phone: 414-217-1551
    Affiliation: Independent Scholar

Latin American Studies

The section of Latin-American studies considers Latin America as a region of countries that have a common history since the colonial period under the domination of Spain and Portugal. The study of this region's history, politics and culture (at the global and national level in each country) is the object of this section. The coordinators of this section work on predominantly analyses on present problems and on their projects toward the future. These analyses pay special attention to contemporary issues addressing relevant debates about projects that outline and propose a better development of the region.

  • Jesus Ruiz Flores Email:
    Affiliation: Departamento de Politica y Sociedad
    Universidad de Guadalajara
  • Fernando Pedro Viacava-Breiding Email:
    Affiliation: Instituto Nacional Tecnologico de Morelia, Mexico

Mass Communication

  • Mary Jackson-Pitts Email:
    Phone: 8709723361
    Affiliation: Dept. Radio-Television
    Arkansas State University
  • Lily Zeng Email:
    Affiliation: Arkansas State University
    Dept. Radio-Television

New Zealand and Australia Studies

View New Zealand and Australia Studies website.

  • William C. Schaniel Email:
    Affiliation: International Services & Programs
    University of West Georgia
  • Suzzanne Kelley Email:
    Phone: 701-231-6848
    Affiliation: North Dakota State University

Political Science

  • Ignacio Medina-Nunez Title: Coordinator, Political Science
    Affiliation: Universidad de Guadalajara

Public Administration

  • Patsy Kraeger Title: Assistant Professor
    Affiliation: Georgia Southern University, Institute for Public and Nonprofit Studies
  • Viola Fuentes Email:
    Affiliation: Independent Scholar
  • Chandra Commuri Email:
    Phone: 6616546140
    Affiliation: California State University at Bakersfield

Public Finance And Budgeting

  • Main contact : Tatyana Guzman Title: Coordinator
    Affiliation: Cleveland State University
  • Sarah Larson Email:
    Affiliation: University of Central Florida

Rural & Agricultural Studies

Rural & Agricultural Studies is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary section. Studies of rural areas or agriculture, in their broadest definitions and in any part of the world, are welcome. Varying in scope, approach, and method, and ranging from sociology to literature, participants' works have addressed small towns, extraction-based economies, population change, game management, food policy, rural women's literature and social and environmental history.

  • Coordinator: Andrea Glessner Email:
    Affiliation: Cowley Community College
  • Co-coordinator Lisa Ossian Email:
    Affiliation: Des Moines Area Community College

Slavic and Eurasian Studies

The Western Association for Slavic Studies (WASS) meets annually as the Slavic and Eurasian Studies Section of the Western Social Science Association. Those wishing to present papers in the Slavic and Eurasian Studies Section need not be members of the WASS, but are welcome to join. The Slavic and Eurasian Studies Section is interested in all aspects of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe along with the territories of the former Soviet Union, including, but not limited to: Anthropology, History, Literature, Political Science, Music, Religious Studies, and Sociology.

  • Mark Cichock Coordinator, Slavic and Eurasian Studies Email:
    Affiliation: University of Texas at Arlington

Social Psychology

  • Pete Martini Title: Coordinator, Social Psychology
    Email: (will change soon)
    Affiliation: Manchester University

Social Work

  • Moises Diaz Title: Co-Coordinator, Social Work
    Affiliation: Social Work Program
    Utah State University
  • Diane Calloway-Graham Title: Co-Coordinator, Social Work
    Phone: (435) 797-2389.
    Affiliation: Utah State University


This section presents a range of perspectives on social life. Subfields include gender, race, ethnicity, religion, culture, family, organizations, education, politics, sexuality, globalization, social movements, stratification, consumption, law, medicine, and technology.

  • KuoRay Mao Email:
    Affiliation: Colorado State University

Union for Radical Political Economists

Founded in 1968, The Union for Radical Political Economics (URPE) is an interdisciplinary membership organization of academics and of activists. Its mission is to promote the study, development and application of radical political economic analysis to social problems. Concretely this involves a continuing critique of both the capitalist system, and of all forms of exploitation and oppression. URPE’s mission also includes, coming out of this critique, helping to construct a progressive social policy, and a human-centered radical alternative to capitalism. Please go for more information about URPE, including how you can join. 

URPE is a national and international organization, but it has to date provided very few conference opportunities for our western members. We seek to rectify that by becoming a regular part of the WSSA. In particular, we hope to bring together academics and activists working to try to build a better, fairer, more sustainable society. As an interdisciplinary organization, we see the WSSA as a natural partner and we look forward to many years of fruitful collaboration. 

We would welcome proposals for joint sessions from other WSSA associations. URPE is interested in proposals from any perspective that incorporates or is sympathetic to Radical Political Economy. Submissions could involve individual papers, entire sessions, round tables on important topics or books, and sessions and workshops on teaching. Submissions by graduate students, activists and academics are encouraged.

  • Geoffrey Schneider Title: Co-Coordinator
    Affiliation: Bucknell University
  • Scott Carter Title: Co-Coordinator
    Affiliation: University of Tulsa

Urban Studies

This section examines the human condition in relationship to the physical, cultural, social, and environmental aspects of community.  It promotes the study of urban environments in the disciplines of Urban Design, Planning, Architecture, Housing, Urban Art, Transportation, History of the City, Parks, Landscapes, and other research pertaining to the advancement of the urban condition.

  • Thomas Sammons Email:
    Affiliation: University of Louisiana
    College of the Arts

Women's and Gender Studies

This section accepts papers, panels, and round tables from this interdisciplinary field that examine gender as a social and cultural construction, the social status and contributions of women, and the relationships between power and gender. Areas range from gender and sexuality, to queer studies, to feminist theory.

  • Barbara Bonnekessen Ph.D. Title: Coordinator
    Affiliation: Pittsburg State University

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