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See full article: details about refunds, pushing fees to next year, or applying to virtual

by WSSA Admin,
Published on March 17, 2020

Our vendor is still working out the details of how the virtual conference will work. Once we have those details, WSSA will send them to everyone who has expressed interest in the virtual conference.

For people WHO HAD ALREADY REGISTERED for the face-to-face conference, and want their fees to be APPLIED TO THE VIRTUAL CONFERENCE - refunds of the amount remaining after the $50 charge for the virtual conference, will BEGIN being processed AFTER MARCH 20. This refund will show that the person is registered for the virtual conference.

Codes for ALREADY-REGISTERED PERSONS who wish to PUSH THEIR FEES to next year's conference, instead of asking for a refund, will BEGIN being sent out MARCH 30. The codes will allow registration for the 2021 conference at no charge. The link for people who have those codes, to register for next year's conference, will appear below.

Refunds, for ALREADY-REGISTERED PERSONS who requested the 90% REFUND, will BEGIN being processed AFTER MARCH 16. Those refunds should appear on the next credit card statement following processing.

For people who had been ACCEPTED to the conference and had NOT YET REGISTERED for the face-to-face conference, but do intend to PARTICIPATE IN THE VIRTUAL conference - the link to the registration for the virtual conference will appear below AFTER MARCH 16. It should appear no later than the evening of MARCH 18.

WSSA is a non-profit association.  IF you are already registered and would like to donate part of your expected refund to the WSSA, to defray the expense of changing to a virtual format, please say so in your request.  We would be very grateful, and for U.S. citizens, the donation would be tax-deductible.  There is no pressure to do so - we are well aware that many people would be unable to donate, or unwilling to do so.