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Submissions for 2019 conference now closed

by WSSA Admin,
Published on May 11, 2018


Deadline to submit papers : December 8

Before submitting a paper, you will need to have on hand

  • Names of the author(s) & your/their affiliation(s)(meaning the college/university/agency/company/etc. for which they work - if not employed, list “Independent Scholar”)
  • Title of paper or panel
  • Short abstract - no more than 250 words

 Steps in submitting a paper

1)  Return to our website,
2)  Click on the dark blue tab, near the top of the screen, labeled “Sections & Affiliates”
3)  Browse through the sections listed to find the one that is the best fit for you
             a)  Clicking on a section name opens the section’s information, including a description of the nature of the section and contact information for the section’s coordinator(s)
            b)  If you want to see what kinds of papers have been presented in that section at previous conferences, click on the dark blue tab, near the top of the screen, labeled “Conferences” then on the link on the dropdown that is labeled “Past WSSA Conferences”, and download one of the programs
4)  When you have decided on a section, click it.  Below the coordinator(s) contact info you will see

   Click here to submit a single paper
   Click here to propose a panel with panelist in place
   Click here to propose a roundtable

  • A "PAPER" is one paper that goes to the SC that the user chooses. This can have multiple authors, but is only a single paper.
  • A "PANEL" is a group of papers with a similar theme that have been organized, by the person submitting, to make a unified session. They must already have all of the papers and authors available.
  • A "ROUNDTABLE" is an open session on a topic, with NO PAPERS, just the information about the people meeting to discuss.

4)  Make certain that you are submitting to the correct category, according to the definitions above
5)  Click the appropriate submission link
6)  At the bottom of the submission form, you will indicate your first, second, and third choice of section.
            a)  The first choice, already entered on your form, will be the section to which you are submitting
            b)  If the section coordinator considers the paper appropriate for the conference, but does not consider it appropriate for his/her section, that coordinator may pass the submission information on to one of the other section coordinators.

After submitting your paper

  • You should receive an immediate automated email response indicating that the paper has been received by the paper submission database. 
  • Later, you should receive an email from the coordinator indicating that the paper has been seen, but no decision has yet been made, and then,

Sometime in late November or early December, you should receive a either an acceptance or a rejection