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New Book by WSSA Members

by WSSA Admin,
Published on September 15, 2019

Women in Turkey
Silent Consensus in the Age of Neoliberalism and Islamic Conservatism

           This book provides a socio-economic examination of the status of women in contemporary Turkey, assessing how policies have combined elements of neoliberalism and Islamic conservatism.
          Using rich qualitative and quantitative analyses, Women in Turkey analyses the policies concerning women in the areas of employment, education and health and the fundamental transformation of the construction of gender since the early 2000s. Comparing this with the situation pre-2000, the authors argue that the reconstruction of gender is part of the reshaping of the state–society relations, the state–business relationship, and the cultural changes that have taken place across the country over the last two decades. Thus, the book situates the Turkish case within the broader context of international development of neoliberalism while paying close attention to its idiosyncrasies.
          Adopting a political economy perspective emphasizing the material sources of gender relations, this book will be useful to students and scholars of Middle Eastern politics, political Islam and Gender Studies. 

Routledge   2019 London, also available as eBook

Rodney Mather Award

by WSSA ,
Published on April 23, 2017

Student Presentation at WSSA's 2017 Conference wins Rodney Mather Award